Our main goal is to build a globally recognised platform ; acknowledged as the 'go to' destination for NFT verified collectibles' and help as many artists from around the world, to earn the income that they deserve, whilst building deeper fan/artist connections'



Welcome to MadBop. An NFT music platform where artsits can sell digital assets directly to their fans. Here are 4 we can help you.

Onboarding & NFT Creation

Enables artist's access to our knowledge & help onboarding them into the NFT space and MadBop.

Marketplace - Coming Soon

Fans will be able to resell their digital assets to other MadBop platform users.

MadBop Community/Discord

Join the conversion - users will interact with each other, artists, and contributors and learn as they go along..

Metaverse Events

Facilitating virtual events, driving engagement, & other possible revenue streams for artists i.e Merch.

Partners / Clients