MadBop is a green scalable NFT platform that been built for the music space to connect fans and collectors with their favourite artists. The MadBop platform was founded by Russell Bundy in March 2021 and launched in August.


Key fan/collector benefits

• Closer connection with your favourite artists

• Proof of ownership to every digital collectable item and song

• Ultimate access – Meet and greet, backstage passes, 1 to 1 dinners, personal phone calls and more!

• Next level unlockables – Special interviews, behind the scenes videos, unreleased music, live streams and more!

• Resell/trade digital items with other fans on the marketplace

• Community hub where fans, collectors and artists can come together


Key artist benefits

• Earn revenue directly from fans (instead of being ripped off by streaming platforms)

• Closer connection with your fans

• 80% revenue split with artists! No hidden fees, or costs

• 10% royalties every time your NFTs are resold on the marketplace

• Gain new fans from exposing your digital collectables

• Earn more revenue from event opportunities