Artists are extremely important in the creation of music and building connections with fans. That why we do everything we can to support artists and get them the revenue that they deserve. Below are some horrifying facts that will amaze you in how underpaid artists are and why the music industry is broken right now for both independent artists and record label artists:


• 82% of artists make £200 or less from streaming (BBC)

• Artists lost 2/3rds of their revenue due to covid 19 (BBC)

• Artists under labels only get 13% of their revenue while the platform gets 30% (BBC)

• YouTube accounts for 51% of music streaming but only pays 7% to the music industry (BBC)

Madbop is changing the way in which artists earn revenue directly from fans through NFTs and allowing artists to build an even closer bond with their fanbase. So, with this in mind, let’s find out how Madbop can help artists!