Frankie Biggz Ft Dalia Chih - Alien Album

Frankie Biggz is the main producer behind Alien which features Dalia Chih. The album was based upon not knowing what other life there is out on our planet.

Inside NFT Bundle


Unlock 1:  One on One interview with Frankie Biggz & Group Interview with Dalia Chih

Unlock 2:  Dalia Chih Alien Questionnaire Video

Unlock 3:  Document Confirmation For Interviews


About Artist

Frankie Biggz has collaborated as a record producer with numerous Latino & R&B artists, including Miguel Tomas, Elida y Avante, Stefani, Jay Perez, Adassa, Frankie Negron, Tito Nieves, Anais, WE, Wanessa Camargo, Juanes,& Oscar D'León (which earned him a collective Latin Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Tropical Album for production).