Sofia Evangelina - 'Endure' & 'Smile' Silver Drop

Sofia Evangelina collection is made up of "Endure" and "Smile" and has unique utilities that go along with that.

Inside NFT Bundle


Unlock 1:  N/A

Unlock 2:  N/A

Unlock 3:  N/A


Time Left To Purchase: 22 days 17 hours 6 minutes

About Artist

A teen prodigy to watch out for, Sofia Evangelina is bound to become a formidable force, as she keeps unveiling one stunning track after another, offering listeners a look into her powerhouse vocals and storytelling soul. Born in Canada, to Russian and French parents, Sofia now lives in Dubai. 2022 has a queue of uniquely intense singles slated for spitfire release along with epic visuals, followed by a concept album in 2023.