Russell Bundy – Founder/President/CEO (Male Ally)

Russell has 15+ years experience in the radio industry, and is very passionate about music. He's exited previous businesses, and has more then 2+ years experience in Web 3. He's hosted some the biggest events inside the metaverse, and has educated musicians into Web 3.
Fariah N – Co-Founder/CMO

Fariah is our marketing expert, with over 11 years experience. She is the founder of "Girls at Crypto" community, and previously worked at Luno as a social media manager. She been in the crypto space for over 2 years with in-depth knowledge in Web 3.
Stacey Harper – Vice President/Chief Legal Officer

Once tagged by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the music industry’s leading experts, Stacey has 30+ years’ experience as a music industry executive, songwriter, lawyer, theatre/film producer in London and New York. She Co-Founder of Web3 Music Rights Group and Register One DAO, and Co-Founder of IAFAR Ltd.
Paul Dube – CTO

Paul has over 20 years experience in the technology field and has a great understanding in the areas of software engineering, architectural vision & conceptualization and model/component creation. Over the last 7+ years, Paul has launched multiple web 3.0 products
Saskia Menendez – Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Director

Saskhia has 5+ years in the music industry and excels in music creativity, music marketing, branding, artist development, community building. She passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion and enjoys representing unheard and under represented voices within the entertainment industries.


Toby Cruse – Event Advisor/Non-Executive Director

Toby is the CEO/Founder of Worldwide Entertainment, who has 14+ years experience in the events industry. He works with some the biggest stars from Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, ABBA, Palmo Faith and more.
Mariana Brandão – Music Advisor UK

Mariana is the co-founder of Embrace Music. She has over 16 years experience in the music industry, and has worked with top talent like: Fatboy Slim, Steve Aoki, Pete Tong, Anglo Management, NERVO, Paul Van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Carl Cox and more. Mariana is heavily involved with NFT's/Web 3.
Marlene Palumbo – Music Advisor US

Marlene is the vice president of Talent Watch, who been in the music industry for 20+ years. She fulfilled various roles inside the music industry, including artist management, media management, publicist and artist development.
Audu Maikori – African Music Advisor

Audu is the CEO/Founder of Chocolate City record label, that been running for over 17 years. He a veteran in the music industry, and is the chairman of CCX Lounge which is Nigeria's foremost events lounge.